Happy Anniversary Pacific Ashtanga Yoga Puja!

Shala Anniversary Event - 2017

"Pacific Ashtanga Yoga Shala is dedicated to you, the student. May this always be your sacred place, your school of higher education, the place where you nourish your body, your spirit and respect yourself, your sanctuary."

Shala Anniversary

Celebrating your practice with 13 blessings:

"You must know the fire you seek is in your own Lantern." ~ Zen proverb

May you always be able to locate yourself.

May this year be filled with many wonderful adventures.

May you know that you are the hero/heroine of your adventures.

May your year be filled with beauty and abundance and love.

May your path be filled with inspiration and creativity in how you show up for life.

May you have strength and grace for all that life gives you.

May your practice bring you vibrant health, strength and perspective.

May your breath fill your soul with passion and ignite your inner fire & bring you peace, at the moment you need it.

May this year bring you courage and confidence.
May you own who you are and expand beyond comfort zones and limitations.

May you continue to be curious and stretch your self to continue to learn, to change and to grow.

"When all your desires are distilled you will cast just two votes, to love more and be happy." ~ Haifz

May this year bring you an abundance of love and happiness.

Shala Anniversary July 1 2016
Shala Anniversary July 1 2016
Shala Anniversary July 1 2016
Shala Anniversary July 1 2016
Shala Anniversary
Shala Anniversary
Shala Anniversary