Blaze's Blessings Jar

Blaze's Blessing Jar

"Our family only recently had the privilege to get to know the Bernstein family at Shabbat dinners together. They are beautiful, loving, bright and sensitive people. The tragedy they now face of losing their oldest son is beyond words. Through Blaze's memorial, people have had glimpses of the type of glowing spirit he was and understand that he lived life with a tenacity, kindness, sensitivity, and a drive to make the world a better place. All who knew him, spoke of his kindness, brilliant writing, and sweet smile.

Blaze could be all of ours, our son, our brother, our friend, our student, and perhaps in his early passing, our teacher. His parents' message to the community is loud and clear, please use this as a catalyst to do good in the world. Fulfill an act of loving kindness in Blaze's name to honor a bright soul taken too soon and help transform our world into a kinder, more loving place.

As a community, I would like to offer up during the next week, that we all, in Blaze's memory do an act of kindness, no matter how small. I am asking the community, in an effort to help this grieving family during this time of shiva, to write on a small piece of paper the act of kindness you do and place it in "Blaze's Blessings" jar at the shala alter. Collectively these acts spread, they form the ripples that create change we many never know or see, but it starts with our acts of kindness and love that we put out there. Once we fill this jar with the kind acts and loving deeds we do in his memory this week, I will bring it to the family. They will know, as they read these pieces of paper, their message has been heard by people they may never meet, and together, we help this family to heal, honor the memory of their beloved son, and together, we make this world a kinder place."

~ Kim Novick