Glacier Challenge - 108 Sun Salutes

Flathead Youth Glacier Challenge
11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Make a donation of any amount to Flathead Youth Shelter.

Please bring cash or write a check.

Pacific Ashtanga Yoga Shala community supports Flathead Youth Shelter & Glacier Challenge with 108 Sun Salutes and a special gratitude practice. In my many years of working in counseling, I often worked at shelters for troubled teens, run aways. Shelters play an important part in giving youths a safe place to stay, unique support and therapy to heal.
Flathead Youth Shelter is an amazing program that has helped over 1,600 children.

I had planned to be in Montana for the event; instead I will be able to support the event from our beautiful Shala. This is an opportunity for our Shala community to support the Kalispell community and unit for the kids!

Flathead Youth Glacier Challenge

The Glacier Challenge is not only a great community event, it is also a fund-raiser for the Flathead Youth Home. We work with area kids whose lives have crashed into a crisis. Some are dealing with neglect, abuse or abandonment. Others with mental health issues and chemical dependency. Some have acted out through delinquency. Often, it is a complex combination of these that brings kids into our care. Since 1975, we have cared for over 1,600 youth. Kids come to us by way of area Youth Courts, mental health programs and the Department of Child and Family Services. No matter what brings them to us, we understand that these kids need a safe place to call home when their own home is no longer an option.