Living a Greener Life

  • Easy and Painless Tips on Living a Greener Life
  • It's never been easier to go green than it is today. With all of our scientific discoveries and modern advances, we now have the knowledge and the access to live greener, healthier lives, without feeling like we're making too many sacrifices. All it takes is a little shift in the way we think – to always consider whether there's a simple, greener alternative to each action.
  • Most of us rarely consider the long term environmental implications of our daily actions. Unfortunately, this way of thinking has caused a lot of damage to our planet. It's now a widely recognized fact that global warming is a reality. You've all seen or heard about Al Gore's slide show, so we won't get into the evidence here.
  • What's causing much of the damage to our planet is the carbon dioxide (CO2) that gets released into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels used to power our cars and run our factories that make all of the stuff we buy. The toxins and carcinogens used in so many products that pollute our soil and water sources are also really bad for the plant and bad for our health. And to top it off, it doesn't help that we continue to cut down so many carbon eating trees and plants each year.
  • We all rely on natural resources to stay alive and each of us has an individual responsibility to do our part for the environment. We don't all have to run out and buy electric cars and stop using under arm deodorant tomorrow to make a positive impact. There are hundreds of simple, easy things you can do everyday to dramatically improve our plant's health.
  • Find your own unique path to a greener lifestyle by simply leading an examined life and making more earth-conscious decisions each day. It's actually sort of fun to think of new ideas and keep track of how many tons of carbon emission you can eliminate! There's a really cool EPA web site that helps you calculate your carbon footprint and shows you the impact you can make by changing some of your behaviors.