Our Students

JJ Flowers
JJ Flowers, one of our most dedicated Ashtangies, and a Shala Novelist.

Check out her New Novel Juan Pablo and the Butterflies (Simon and Schuster, May 2017).

Find this book! Inspired by the loss of her husband Dr. John Flowers and their son Jonpaul, Juan Pablo and the Butterflies magically appeared on Jen's keyboard. It is a fast pace spiritual thriller, a page-turner that rips beginning to end.
After facing a vicious drug cartel in Mexico's Monarch Butterfly sanctuary, Juan Pablo and his best friend Rocio risk everything and try to escape the cartel's henchmen—determined to pursue them at all costs—by following the butterflies' migration all the way to California.

Best of All: All royalties go to the dudamelfoundation.org, which brings a music education to the most disadvantaged children of the world and us, and saveourmonarchs.org

Kirkus Reviews: "The novel is powerful. Flowers delivers a[...] moving contemporary novel that is[...] relevant in its treatment of drug-trafficking, immigration, and human rights..."

Jacqueline Heller

Jacqueline Heller
"In 2009 I became board certified in Veterinary Acupuncture and began my yoga practice at Pacific Ashtanga. These two transformative events led me towards a more content, happy and meaningful life. My practice continually helps me live mindfully, with gratitude and an open heart in both my personal and professional lives. Diana and the teachers at Pacific Ashtanga have been instrumental in guiding me down this fulfilling path. My husband and children have joined me on this adventure and practice Ashtanga in their daily lives."

To learn more about Jacqueline's holistic veterinary practice please visit her website www.petsacupuncture.com.

Troy Eckert

Troy Eckert is an avid surfer and worked with Volcom clothing for 20 years in marketing. Since his introduction to yoga about 10 years ago his passion has only grown. So much so that he is launching an environmentally and socially responsible mens yoga clothing brand. It's called KOZM. The website landing page can be found at thekozm.com.
Dear Pacific Ashtanga students, please use Coupon code: pacificashtanga for 20% off plus free shipping at checkout to purchase anything from thekozm.com site.

"Yoga, and specifically Ashtanga, has been the way I've been able to truly connect and get to know myself on the most intimate level. It has given me the ability to remain both physically and mentally confident with anything I chose to do. When I come to the Shala, I know I will leave a better person than when I arrived. I truly cherish Diana and the environment she provides for everyone."

Phillip Nardulli

Phillip Nardulli, photographer, artist, adventurer and yogi.

In 2017 Philip is going to participate in the Festival of Arts, Laguna Beach.

See some of Phillips work by visiting www.nardulli.com.

"I am thankful for the opportunity to share my photographic artwork with fellow travelers from around the world. If my work inspires viewers to take time to observe and treasure the Earth's unspoiled features, I have fulfilled my goal of sharing my appreciation of the planet's intrinsic wonders."

Diane Alcorn
"Practicing at the Shala means the world to me. I've been here since its inception nearly 12 years. There are so many facets to our meditative breath practice. It helps us to become more mindful of things in our everyday lives. It has boosted my energy and flexibility. Everyday, Diana's conferences give us a little morsel of how we can better our lives whether it's spiritual, physical or emotional. Diana has taught us how to be more optimistic and live our lives trying to focus on others rather than only on ourselves. Wim Hof breathing has changed us all. It has given me more energy and helped to fix little health problems that crop up... especially with us older folks. And it fits in so beautifully with our breath practice! That Diana is a treasure is an understatement. I think she is a throwback to another time. I'm sure Guruji beams with pride as he watches her carry on the lineage in our Ashtanga practice."
Gugut Salgado
Gugut Salgado, artist, musician, songwriter, producer, engineer, surfer, golfer, goofball, big fan of Intro to Ashtanga.
"No matter what kind of day It's been, I always feel better after yoga. Ashtanga is a meditation for me. It resets and recharges me. I never regret practicing."
We're so proud and excited as Gugut launches Betterlark, his new musical venture. Listen at betterlark.com and watch on YouTube. Enjoy and SHARE!
Time Stands Still by Betterlark (Official Music Video)
Chris Wagaman
Chris Wagaman, professional athlete, soccer coach and Ashtanga Mysore student.
"Mysore practice is my time to be honest with myself about comitment through true grit and determination with a twist of elegance."