Reiki Yoga

Reiki Yoga class is a healing-focused yoga class. The combination of Reiki and Yoga will give the body additional energy to release stress and tension, and restore our natural ability to heal.

Reiki Yoga with Sofia

Reiki Yoga class includes:

  • Breathing exercise
  • Easy yoga flow with attention to the breath
  • 10 minutes guided meditation
  • Extended savasana/resting pose, complete with a Reiki treatment for each student

Reiki is an energy healing that originated in Japan. It balances the energy system of the body, creates relaxation, and promotes the natural healing processes. 

On the deep level both Reiki and Yoga work with the subtle energy channels.  They help to clear those channels (nadis) from old negative energies (blockages), straighten, and heal them.  Yoga uses synchronized breath and movement to achieve this while Reiki works by flowing Reiki (Universal life force energy) through subtle energy pathways.

Shala - Reiki Yoga