One Precious Life - The Heart of Ashtanga

Workshop & Retreat

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November 8 - 11, 2018

Price: $350 ($390 after August 1, 2018)
Pacific Ashtanga Yoga Shala - Ocean Shala
34700 Pacific Coast Highway, Ste. 205
Capistrano Beach, CA 92624

You are invited to the Ocean Shala in Capistrano Beach for a sacred and transformative weekend. Gift yourself the time and space to go deeply inward and allow the healing powers of gratitude and yoga to serve you.
Find comfort, solitude or inspiration in the beauty and power of the Pacific.

Heart Meditation
In her poem, "The Summer Day", Mary Oliver asks, "Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

Join Diana in answering this important question for yourself. This workshop blends yoga philosophy and asana practice with meditation, reflection, ceremony, and journaling to create the possibility for transformation and healing to occur.

Ashtangis have the opportunity to use our practice to move closer to ourselves and examine how we show up for life. This workshop creates an opportunity to step out of our beautiful, busy lives, to reflect on our journeys, and set personal intentions through meditation and ritual.

"Sva means 'self' or 'belonging to me'; Adhyaya means 'inquiry' or 'examination;' literally to get close to something. Svadhyaya therefore means to get close to yourself, that is to study yourself." ~ T. K. V. Desikachar

Workshop Content & Schedule

Mornings Free

Optional Dana Point Headlands hike and surf or S.U.P lessons offered through the Shala. Additional cost.

Thursday, November 8th

Heart Meditation
Thursday Evening 5-7 pm
Welcome & Orientation

Welcome to the Ocean Shala. Mix and mingle with Diana and fellow practitioners over light snacks, followed by an introductory teaching and candlelight puja.

Friday, November 9th

Friday Afternoon 12-3 pm - Led Primary Series
Pranic Practice: Ashtanga Through the Fourth Limb
Ashtanga Led Primary

This session includes a discussion of prana and its value in the ashtanga system of asana and vinyasa. Diana will explore energy and breath within the practice. She will teach on the importance of understanding the 5 vayus and how they are responsible for distributing energy throughout the entire body, thereby increasing our physical, energetic, and emotional health. You will learn specific practices to increase the pranic value of your daily practice.

Friday Evening 6-8 pm
One Precious Life: Meditations and Practices on Impermanence - Part 1

This session includes meditation, ceremony, and journaling. It is designed to cultivate awareness of impermanence, and what is sacred and meaningful in the moments of our one precious life. You will be invited to commit to a 30 day meditation and practice.

Saturday, November 10th

Mysore Ashtanga
Saturday Afternoon 12-3 pm - Mysore Practice
Integrating Prana into Your Mysore Practice

This session begins with a 30-minute discussion on the power of a Mysore practice: owning it, making it "your practice". Followed by a 2-hour Mysore practice. Finish with discussion and teaching on taking your 2-hour yoga practice into the other 22 hours of your day. Learn to bring the prana generated on you mat into your life.

Saturday Afternoon 3-3:30 pm - Light Snacks

Saturday Afternoon 3:30-5pm
One Precious Life - Part 2
Puja Threads
Live with intention, awe, and gratitude. Value the greatest gift - love. In this session you will receive the specific reflections, practices, and themes that comprise the 30 day meditation.
The 7 themes are:
  • Love
  • Energy
  • Putting Your Affairs in Order
  • Connection
  • The Power of Choice
  • True Wealth
  • What Remains

I would describe the experience of the 48 Day Meditation as "a chance to take a breathe and look at life as you are living it, which, of course, is an invitation to make mindful choices. Even in the turbulence and business of my daily life, my frayed and treasured silk wrist tie reminds me that I do have choice in how I live my life and that my time is not infinite. I have started a new business and redefined family relationships since the beginning of the meditation period—both things I knew I wanted to do but had been putting off. The experience is full of grace." ~ Sharon

Sunday, November 11th

Sunday Afternoon 12-2 pm - Led Second Series
The Pranic Wisdom of Second Series

This session takes a closer look at the 4th and 5th chakras and vayus in relation to the specifics of Nadi Shodhana and the powerful psychological benefits of this practice. This session includes demonstration and examination of poses throughout the led practice.

Sunday Afternoon 2-3 pm
Closing Puja and Dedication

Begin your 30 Day Meditation and close the workshop with a puja and dedication. Go forth into the rest of your One Precious Life.

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