Pacific Ashtanga Yoga YouTube Channel

Pacific Ashtanga Yoga YouTube Channel is a way of taking the beautiful teachings and practice we share at Pacific Ashtanga Yoga past the doors of our Shala in Dana Point and into the wider community.

Online Ashtanga for Beginners

with Diana Christinson and Lesley Fightmaster
Beginning the Journey of Ashtanga - Tutorials and Practices for Beginners
Price: $100
Dear students-

For the past six months I have been working with Duke and Lesley Fightmaster to create an online video course, "Beginning the Journey of Ashtanga - Tutorials and Practices for Beginners".

We were inspired to create this course after many years of hearing students tell us that they are busy and do not always have time to make it to a practice. In addition, many students want to share Ashtanga with friends but do not have access to an Ashtanga teacher or school. Recently, I began posting videos on YouTube that became popular for these very same reasons. When Duke and Lesley asked me to partner with them to create a unique practice and tutorial I was excited about the opportunity to expand the simple, transformative teaching past our Shala walls.

The course is set up with a simple format of lectures (explaining specific methods of practice), tutorials (explaining postural alignment and modifications to poses) and practice videos (ranging from a 15 minute sun salute practice to a 45 minute introduction to Ashtanga practice). The course includes a 30 day plan for students new to the practice.

I hope this course will inspire you and create a healthy mind, body and spirit for you at your home or wherever life may take you.

Diana Christinson

Beginning The Journey Of Ashtanga - Diana Christinson behind the scenes
Beginning The Journey Of Ashtanga - Duke Fightmaster behind the scenes

Shala Teaching: A Simple Practice

Diana shares how taking on the simple practice of Ashtanga has impacted and transformed her life; how this practice can help all of us to keep our physical, energetic, and emotional bodies healthy.

Pacific Ashtanga Puja Dedication

Thank you Duke Fightmaster for recording this very special 'New Shala' Puja. It captures Diana's passion for the practice, for teaching, and for her students; it also captures this Sanga – this wonderful community.

Pacific Ashtanga Puja Dedication - Sri K Pattabhi Jois Tribute by Diana Christinson from Aztech films on Vimeo.

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Six Sun Salutes with Pacific Ashtanga Yoga Shala's teachers.

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