Tim Miller Equinox Workshop

The Marriage of Shiva and Shakti - Finding Harmony in Duality

11:30 - 2:30 pm
Location: Pacific Ashtanga Yoga Shala
Price: $60

Tim Miller at Pacific Ashtanga

The third and fourth limbs of ashtanga yoga, asana and pranayama, are collectively called hatha yoga - literally, the union of the Sun and the Moon.
The practice of asana and pranayama provides us with a very concentrated and tangible experience of duality - inhalation and exhalation, extension and flexion, prana and apana, effort and surrender, etc.

In this workshop we will explore the duality of hatha yoga through a combination of parts of the primary series, which emphasizes flexion of the spine and the elimination of excess apana, and a sampling of the intermediate series, which promotes extension of the spine and increasing the flow of prana. Throughout the asana practice we will look closely at how the paired muscles of the body are engaged in a constant interplay of duality in the form of agonist (contractor) and antagonist (extensor), working together to create both stability and movement. The workshop will conclude with an introduction to pranayama, emphasizing techniques to balance the forces of prana, our ability to take things in, and apana, our ability to squeeze things out.