Wim Hof Method Testimonials

May Yacoob Testimonials

"I started practicing Wim Hof breathing technique with Diana as part of our yoga practice. I was very skeptical that this method of breathing will improve my performance in all physical activities. After all it is only breathing and double blinded studies are not necessary since the worst that can happen will be that I will continue doing what I have done at the same level.

As I practiced, my yoga practice as well as my crossfit practice improved. My arm strength got better, my ability to lift weight and lift my own body weight improved. Encouraged, I started using the breath technique for sleep and found that for the first time I could sleep uninterrupted the whole night.

Then we talked about cold showers. Pains in my shoulders diminished. I have been using only cold showers for the past six months.

What I learned, I passed on to my students who are senior citizens ranging in age from 70 to 95. About five students tried this method and have also noted remarkable improvements in rheumatoid arthritis- especially in using cold showers. I am currently 70 years old and look forward to further my experience in using the Wim Hof techniques." ~ May Yacoob

Goose Duane Testimonials

"I have been a serious cyclist most of my life, in my 20's I was a road race competitor.
Starting in my teens I have had lower back issues. Every so often I'd tweak my back and in a week or so it would be better. About 2 years ago I was just bending over to pick up something and my back went out, except this time it did not return to normal in that week period. I saw various doctors and went physical therapy with some relief, but every morning I'd wake up with a stiff, sore back.

I decided to try yoga to help with my core strength and posture in an effort to alleviate my back problems. Through Diana at Pacific Ashtanga Yoga Shala, I was introduced to the Wim Hof method. At first I was skeptical of some of the claims but thought there could be some benefits. My first workshop with Brian McKenzie was a revelation. I would have never thought that this breath / meditation technique could have such a profound effect. After doing the Wim Hof breathing for a few days I noticed that I feel calmer, at ease, more energetic and mindful. Now when I woke up in the morning my lower back is no longer stiff.

Since doing the Wim Hof breathing regularly along with other techniques I learned from Brian and Diana, my back has felt the best it has in years, although I still have some issues. I have applied this to my cycling and have improved my ability to go hard for extended periods. In my yoga practice I feel my posture has improved and many of the poses that I found to be difficult are less so.

I recommend that everyone give the Wim Hof method a try, it’s just breathing, doesn’t take much time and air is free!" ~ Duane Stark