Kettlebells for Ashtangis

Lower Body Strength for Ashtangis
with Valerie Hedlund
11:00am - 11:30am
Price:$20 for a class - cash or check
$60 for all 4 classes (if paid on or before October 6)

Please register at Pacific Strength

"When Diana asked me to share kettlebells with her & the Pacific Ashtanga community, I was psyched.
My passion is helping people find their strength. I believe that everything in life is better and easier when you're strong.
Both Ashtanga & Strength Training require practice, commitment, consistency, and they're great at building body awareness. While there are similarities, the breath, rooting, and abdominal work are taught in different ways. Which is why I think these two practices compliment each other so well - learning both you can get the best of both worlds!
My goal for these 4 classes will NOT be to "work out" (especially after the prep class!) but rather to teach you how to do these kettlebell-specific movements safely and effectively at home.
We will focus on movements that strengthen your total body with a slight emphasis on lower body. You will get "homework” to practice your newly acquired new skills (aka at-home training programs). If you're looking for a challenge, to try something new, or just to firm up your legs a bit, come to these classes!"

I really would like everyone who's even a little bit interested to try it! Please come to the first session & if you don't learn something or don't like it for any reason, you do not need to pay.
For anyone interested in training at Pacific Strength, I'd like to offer Pacific Ashtanga students 20% off your first class package.

Please email Valerie if you plan to attend so that she can bring the right amount and appropriate size kettlebell for everyone attending.

Some kettlebells will be available for purchase as well.

To learn more about TRX & Foundational Strength Class please visit