One Precious Life

48 Day Meditation and Practice

48 Day Meditation and Practice Guide

Morning Practice

Sit quietly
Begin the meditation with a mantra:
My days are limited and precious
How will I spend my remaining days?
How will I spend today?
Take 10 heart opening breaths
Deep long inhale, deep long exhale
Shoulders back, wide open heart, feeling expansive as you inhale
Shoulders down, relaxing neck and shoulders on the exhale

Using imagery
Imagine a beautiful body of water
Stilling the water to a calm crystal surface
Calming the waves, like the thoughts of the mind
Practice 5 minute of silence
(continue the silence as long as you like)

Practice gratitude
Mentally think of five things you are grateful for
loving, people events, experiences, pets

Complete meditation with
Thank you for Today!

Evening Practice - Reflection

"How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives" ~ Anne Dillard

Journal - reflect on your precious day.