Breaking down difficult poses in the Primary and Intermediate Series of Ashtanga Yoga

with Atsuro Chiba

Atsuro Chiba
11:15 - 1:15 pm
Price: $40

Learn the principle of difficult Asanas in 1st and 2nd Series through a variety of options and preparation in an anatomically safe way for beneficial practice. Includes Tips, demonstration and Q & A.

Upcoming Workshop with Atsuro Chiba:
The Balancing Asanas - Saturday, November 5th 2016
Atsuro Chiba

Atsuro Chiba
Born and raised in Japan, Atsuro started his yoga practice in his mid twenties after moving to San Diego in 2002, where he strongly connected with Ashtanga Yoga. Atsuro has been seriously practicing and studying Ashtanga Yoga with Tim Miller for 10 years, and has completed the Intermediate Series of Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training. Tim has given Atsuro the position to teach and assist in Mysore classes, which has allowed him to continuously deepen and advance his knowledge and experience of the practice. Atsuro has been assisting Tim’s Primary and Intermediate Teacher Training as well. Atsuro also has been teaching Ashtanga Led classes at other yoga studios. His daily Ashtanga Yoga practice (Primary, Intermediate and Advanced A & B Series) continues to change and shape his life in a positive way.

Atsuro is grateful to be able to share his knowledge of the practice, and appreciates Ashtanga Yoga as a wonderful science of the mind, body, and spirit.