Vocal Healing & 432hz Spirit Metacine

with Shane Chunephisal and Lynda Arnold

11:30 - 1:30pm
Price: $35
Sound Healing with Shane Chunephisal and Lynda Arnold

Come experience a dynamic workshop that incorporates various vocal healing arts drawing from different traditions, including toning, call and response singing, healing sounds for the organs, Sanskrit mantras and more. Learn how to tune into your body and bring awareness to the power of your own voice. Activating and clearing the body in this way will create space for the powerful sounds vibrations of the bowls and other sacred sound instruments to energize and renew the body, mind and spirit.

After this deep group vocal activation process, everyone will lie down comfortably on the floor (mat, blanket and pillow encouraged) and treated to an extended sound meditation featuring many sacred sound instruments including 432Hz Gemstone crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, gong, chimes, flutes, handpan, drums, tuning forks and voice. This deep sonic journey is designed so the participate enters a calm brain state and is engaged in deep listening, unlocking the unseen forces for healing and transformation.

Love, Light, Vibrate!

"See the Light. Feel the Light. BE the Light."