Wim Hof Method & MindLift Workshops

Wim Hof Method & MindLift Workshops
with Kasper van der Meulen

Teaching Business Mastery for WHM instructors

11am - 7pm (dinner break 4:30pm -5:30pm)
Price: $200
Workshop for graduate instructors

MindLift Lecture & Q&A

7pm- 9pm
Price: $50
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MindLift - Mental Fitness Workshop

12pm - 6pm
Price: $199
Register on-line
Pacific Ashtanga Yoga Shala - Ocean Shala
34700 Pacific Coast Highway, Ste. 205
Capistrano Beach, CA 92624

We live in an amazing era of high-speed information, hyper-connection and endless opportunity, but it also faces us with the challenges of mass-distraction, negative stress and analysis paralysis. The good news is that this amazing new world also offers us the opportunity - like never before - to take responsibility into our own hands, to control our lifestyle factors, and to train our minds to be healthy and happy and free to choose the life we want.

"The mind is a tool that can be developed through training, just like any muscle in the body" ~ Kasper van der Meulen

This MindLift - Mental Fitness Workshop will teach you how to leverage the opportunities of the modern world into a lifestyle of Laser Focus, Masterful Mindfulness and Personal Freedom. It provides a skill-based, no-nonsense approach to personal development and habit creation. You will gain refreshing insights into the art and science of deep self-exploration and lifestyle design, all in a fun and interactive setting.

Part 1: The Modern Mind

Your brain is a Miracle Machine and contains everything we need to make us happy, healthy, and successful if you know how to use it. But how do you stay focused in a world that screams for your attention? How can you deal with the constant demand on your mental bandwidth? How do you break free from limiting patterns that keep you from your full potential? This part of the workshop will explain the anatomy of the habit-forming mind, the science of focused attention and how they influence the quality of your life.

Part 2: Mental Fitness

This part of the workshop discusses how you can consistently train your mind to manifest the desired qualities in your life, though emotional release, mental training and dedicated practice. You will work on finding the mental muscle that needs the most training and what the minimum effective dose of training is of optimal leverage. Lastly, you will explore which blockages are keeping you from creating the life you want and using your mental muscles to their full potential.

Part 3: The Mindsets, Methods and Means for an optimal life

Let's get practical! This part of the workshop will go through a series of different techniques, tricks and hacks to instantly start optimizing you lifestyle. It will discuss the fundamental mindsets for true love-based personal transformation. And will explore the areas of attention management, rapid learning ability, meditation & mindfulness, breathwork, positive stress physiology, flow states, re-wilding and physical movement.

Please visit MindLift Learning web site for more information.

Please read Kasper van der Meulen's book MindLift: Mental Fitness for the Modern Mind before the workshop.

Wim Hof Method & MindLift Workshops

"Kasper is one of my top life teachers! Training for the WHM entails various training both physically and mentally. During my ice (scary) training I felt total support and trust in Kasper's instruction. Learning monocular science from Kasper was literally life changing. He made the material accessible, interesting and fun! He has an amazing depth of knowledge and was able to inspire me to want to know the science that supports the method. Our class of 27 students from various academic backgrounds and professions felt a personal connection to Kasper. Whether we were practicing breath, mediating in 33 degree water or studying biology Kasper knew his shit and in the end, made sure we did. My training with Kasper has been transformative and life changing." ~ Diana Christinson