Dear students, please help us build and grow Miracles page by writing a sequel to Walt Whitman's MIRACLES, starting with his last line from the poem "What stranger miracles are there?"
You can also share a picture of the spring flowers blooming near your homes or on the hikes... or any other miracle that comes into your life.

Please share your poems and pictures by emailing diana@pacificashtanga.com.

Diana's Sequel - Miracles II

"What stranger Miracles are there?"

Stranger and more wonderful,

The trails vibrant with colors,
unique flowers of spring.

Rain. The smell, the sound of gentle drops outside my window, the strong cleansing storm that nourishes the earth and soul.

The powerful, delicate sound of the humming bird near enough to touch.

The song that plays at just the perfect time,
as to give a message with one note.
The smile and love the message brings.

flowers - Miracles
Shared by Rita
flowers - Miracles
Shared by Cindy
Miracles - new baby - Kylie Rose
Shared by Sharon and Ray
Miracles II by Hannah
Miraculous begins this moment
When the ordinary reveals the extraordinary
The quiet return of leafy green as the cold slinks away
Making room for all things
New, bright, unfolding
The sudden rush of water finding its way through the dry rock beds
Changing snow-capped mountains to rushing streams
The earths slow shifting as the worm makes her way upward out of the dark tomb
The red tips of trees birthing new buds and blossoms
The cacophony of sound where silence once was
The crow cawing, crickets bending their bows of nocturnal music, welcoming the coming dark
The seeing, touching, hearing that happens when the fullness of the world is felt, as though, for the first time.
What stranger miracles are there?
Miracles - angel clouds
Shared by Diana
Miracles - angel clouds
Shared by Sofia
Miracles - angel clouds
Shared by Tamara
Miracles II by Sofia

What stranger miracles are there?

The pine trees looking into my window - so strong and supportive...
Watering the plants in the morning...
Discovering that fog is so wet, and that it waters all the flowers in the canyon...

"Patient Healing" message from the Angel Cards...
Being patient with my healing...
And being so impatient with my healing...

Noticing that my practice is more mindful than before...
Being upset that my practice isn't as easy and strong as before...

Poetry coming into my life, and asking me to wake up and feel again!..

Signing Hallelujah along with Lenard Cohen in my car...
And really meaning for it to be a prayer...

What stranger miracles are there?

Miracles II by Leila

What stranger miracles are there?

My phoebe perches on her wooden pole
Supporting the boughs of my mom's apple tree
Drooping with fruit
A surprise solitary dove careens and lands
In the kale, a friend curled under the sun
A hummingbird sups nectar
From the orange black dwarf sunflowers
And I sit
Years later
Wonder is it my phoebe from
Meditations of years gone by
Or her daughter or grandson
And is the dove a coincidence or messenger
stranger friends than hummingbirds in
Our backyard