Class Description

Sun Salute

Ashtanga Flow

Level 2
1 hour

One hour practice synchronized breath and movements. Based on Ashtanga, come prepared to sweat.

Ashtanga Prep

Level 2
1.5 hour

Refine the synchronization of breath and movement as you learn more of the sequence of the Ashtanga system (Sun Salutes, 29 synchronized postures from the First Series, Closing Sequence).


30 minutes

Weekly opportunity for discussion of yoga philosophy, breath work, questions and answers, and demonstration of asanas.

Dragon Series

Level 2/3
1 hour

Designed to build core, abdominal, perineal, arm & leg strength. Plan to sweat – bring a towel.

First Series

Level 3
1.75 hour

Practice the full primary system of the Ashtanga Yoga tradition – practice consists of Sun Salutes, 42 synchronized postures, and the Closing Sequence.



Independent practice/Mixed levels

A self-practice suitable for all levels of practitioners who have memorized the synchronized postures of the Ashtanga system. Instructor provides traditional adjustments during a quite, meditative, mindful practice. See schedule for practice times.
Note regarding weekday morning Mysore times: Doors are open from 6AM to 9AM. Adjustments by instructor will be provided from 6:30AM to 8:30AM.

Intro to Ashtanga

Level 1/2
1 hour

Instructor will call out poses and lead students through the beginning postures of the Ashtanga system. Students will learn proper alignment and modifications for poses and correct breathing techniques. Suitable for beginning students.

Master Flow

For teachers and advanced practitioners
1.5 hour

Vinyasa-flow based on the Ashtanga series. Includes introduction of some second-series postures. Opportunity to work on specific elements of the practice – hips, backbends, and balancing.

Yoga Foundations

Level 1
1 hour

Perfect for people new to yoga. Class begins with 15 minutes of gentle stretching followed by 45 minutes of yoga flow (synchronized breath and movement). A great way to prepare for the Ashtanga system, and an excellent introduction to the potential therapeutic benefits of yoga, including promoting a healthy back.

Note: Ashtanga Yoga is physically demanding. Please bring a towel to class. We recommend that you inform the instructor if you are a new practitioner or if you have injuries. We strongly encourage all Ashtanga Yoga practitioners to come to class well hydrated and prepared to sweat.