Life Coaching with Diana Christinson

Diana Christinson

Private coaching sessions with Diana is an opportunity to bring your deepest self to the surface, set intentions and create supportive habits to make personal shifts, allowing creative new possibilities to unfold.

Diana has helped individuals, couples, and families navigate their journeys since 2005. Her background in cognitive behavioral psychology and lifetime dedication to spiritual traditions allows her to hold space for your answers to surface and be honored. She suggests clients commit to a 30-day or longer self-study program.

Private Paths of Study:

  • One Precious Life - Gratitude and Impermanence for those seeking to find meaning in their lives.
  • The Hero's Journey - Saying Yes to the Adventure for those wanting to bring a perspective of adventure into their daily lives.
  • The Koshas - Uncovering Vibrant Health for those wanting to work more personally on mind, body and spiritual health.
  • Personal Goals for work, career, relationship or problem solving - for those seeking guidance and inspiration to make shifts in areas you feel stuck or needing change.

Coaching Packages

  • 30-day svadhyaya commitment: includes two one-hour private sessions and weekly email check-ins. $300
  • 90-day svadhyaya commitment: includes three one-hour private sessions (one per month) and bi-weekly email check-ins. $425
  • 6-month svadhyaya commitment: includes six one-hour private sessions (one per month) and bi-weekly email check-ins. $800

Individual Sessions

  • One-hour self-study private session (first session 1:15 with preliminary information) $170
  • One-hour private yoga session $125


"I have worked with Diana as a yoga teacher and personal coach. She is equally great at both. During coaching sessions I sometimes felt as if we were in the eye of the storm together, in a safe space where she helped me plan my next steps and figure out how to overcome obstacles." ~ Heather
Please contact Diana to schedule a private session.
She can be reached at or 949-246-7315.