Private Yoga Classes and Inspirational Sessions with Diana Christinson - Pacific Ashtanga Yoga Shala


Please contact Diana to schedule a private session.
She can be reached at or 949-246-7315.
private yoga class
private yoga class

Private Yoga Classes with Diana

If you're interested in more focused attention on your physical practice, or more guidance in your spiritual studies.

Cost: $100 for 1 hour session

One Precious Life: Meditations and Practices on Impermanence

Love Big Journal

The sessions are designed to cultivate awareness of impermanence, and what is sacred and meaningful in the moments of our one precious life.

Live with intention, awe, and gratitude. Value the greatest gift - Love.

You will be invited to commit to a 30 day meditation and practice.

Cost: $350 for 3 sessions
Note: Sessions can be done over the phone
personal practice

Svadyaya Sessions

Personal session on self observation using yoga philosophy, sacred text, psychology, eastern philosophy and mythology, to bring inspiration into your daily living.
  • Create tools to bring inspiration into your daily life
  • Support and guidance through life's transitions and transformations
  • Create a personal meditation practice
Cost: $100 for 1 hour session


Personal Cleanse Programs

  • 3 days cleanse
  • 1 week cleanse
  • 2 weeks cleanse
  • 30 days cleanse