Diana's Message


Ocean Shala Blessing

May the view of the vast blue ocean remind you of your infinite possibility.
May this community raise your energy to support your highest potential.
May the sound of breath stir a deep connection to your soul and your calling.
May the unique scent of incense bring you a peace, knowing you are home,
surrounded by love and support.
May this practice be a light on your path.
May the light you are brighten the path for others.
May you feel surrounded by light and inspired by its illumination in all you do.
May you always take this practice out these doors and into the corners of your life.
making the world a brighter place.

Thank you for being part of the light of our beautiful mangrove tree we call, Shala.
It is an honor to be a little lightning bug on your path.

~ With love and gratitude, Diana

2019 - Committed to Practicing Love

Lightning Bug
Watercolor by Cindy Berg

Committed to the year of practicing love and making our communities and world a loving and bright place.

Committed to Practicing Love