Diana on Yoga and Life


Diana's Anniversary Hopes, Tips, and Intentions

Always practice Balance.
- Practice Dedication & discipline, balanced with with surrender & joy.

Breath is your number one fuel
- Make specific commitments and goals for your breath in practice and in life.

"Work in the invisible at least as hard as the visible" ~ Rumi
- Practice mindfulness rather than mindless bringing consciousness to practice and life.

"Loosen your toes" ~ Guruji
- Lift the toes and root down deep into the floor to ground from the inside into the depth of your body and soul. Find depth in rooting. Become your biggest most expansive self.

The asana serves you. You do not serve the asana.
- Ask the question: Is the pose serving me and how? Always assess & reassess.
- Modify your pose - it is your pose. (try this with life-relationships, work...)

The practice is a dance. Enjoy moving with it.
- Move forward, enjoy the change, moving back, witnessing. Everyday observing.
Practice effort balanced with non-attachment.

"Yes, you doing tomorrow." ~ Guruji
- Try your best; then let it go. There is always tomorrow.

Move from your core.
- Bandhas builds strength and creates lightness. Take them home and use them.

Maintain your joy.
- Practice smiling and laughing whenever possible.

Respect and honor yourself.
- Remember to tell yourself what a great job you are doing.

Finish Each practice with thank you.
- Every practice has a gift. An opportunity to acknowledge your incredible heath and blessing.